This is where I display my latest and greatest projects for your viewing pleasure.

My philosophy as a web developer is I will continue to improve the skills I have aquired and update my skills as I continue down my path in web development. To any potential employer I would like to say the developer you hire today will be a vastly improved developer in the future. I am truly a student of the craft and I constantly strive to be better. Thank you for taking the time to view my resume and I look forward to speaking to you about what I can do to improve and stream line your company.


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Jonas and I worked together on many projects from daily code challenges all the way up to week long sprints. His eye for details and ability to excel and be comfortable in both the technical and design world are inspiring. The world needs more developers like Jonas. Even when Jonas is not sure of something he does the research and learns how to complete the task. Jonas would be an incredible asset on any team. I look forward to working on more projects with him.

Gill Abada CTO and Cofounder at Callifi

I was Jonas's project manager with a group of 6 students. Jonas is an awesome individual who has been a pleasure to work with. Jonas is a dependable team player and has no problems picking up the slack when and where there is some. Jonas is able to be entertaining while working and getting things done. He is also a curious individual who likes to figure out how things work. Jonas is also an awesome team member who can really push a team on a project. Any team will be fortunate to have him and I would always welcome him on my team!

Steve Alverson Project Manager @ Lambda School

I had the pleasure of working directly with Jonas on a number of projects. He was great at quickly grasping tasks we were assigned from a technical and design standpoint in a way that stood out among our peers. With Jonas on the team, I'd always find that we'd produce better results faster, with better design, and with a team who enjoyed eachother's company a lot more. He's fun to work with and would be a great fit anywhere.

Stephen Delgaus Software Developer


These are three of my most recent apps that I have hosted. Displaying some of the most recent technologies I have been working with.
Unblush Dating App
This is a fully functional app I built as a capstone project at Lambda School.This is a database driven app that uses coustom algorithms to find potential dating matches. Using Firebase firestore and React.js and React Hooks.
Compleate React.js app with express backend
This app was build using react.js express as a backend using a sqlite data base and deployed on netlify.
Full React.js app with backend
This pokemon app was built using React.js for the front end using jwt tokens for auth and Express.js on the backend using a mongoDB database deployed on netlify.


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