This is where I display my latest and greatest projects for your viewing pleasure.

My philosophy as a web developer is I will continue to improve the skills I have aquired and update my skills as I continue down my path in web development. To any potential employer I would like to say the developer you hire today will be a vastly improved developer in the future. I am truly a student of the craft and I constantly strive to be better. Thank you for taking the time to view my resume and I look forward to speaking to you about what I can do to improve and stream line your company.




Glad I found Jonas to be my Web Developer. He put my mind at ease and did a great job building me a custom web site for my Real Estate School.

KEN JONES kenjonesrealestateschool.com

I found him to be very knowledgeable and and fair. He had my web site up and going in no time. I higly recomend his services.

GRACE HODGIN www.Bluejuju.com

A outstanding young man. I hope one day to be reicarnated as a Web Developer with his talents.

THE DALAI LAMA www.dalailama.com


These are three of my most recent apps that I have hosted. Displaying some of the most recent technologies I have been working with.
Lambda Times Build with react.js
This was built as a school project with react.js.It uses local state for state managment but makes use of routes and logic to grab the right group of pupers
Compleate React.js app with express backend
This app was build using react.js express as a backend using a sqlite data base and deployed on netlify.
Full React.js app with backend
This pokemon app was built using React.js for the front end using jwt tokens for auth and Express.js on the backend using a mongoDB database deployed on netlify.


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